Bookkeeping Services Terms

Thank you for selecting us to assist the Company with bookkeeping services. 

This Bookkeeping Services Agreement is between Lazo (“we”, “our”, “us”) and each business that subscribes a Bookkeping Services Quote, each as defined below (the “Company”, “you”, “your”). The written quote(s) executed by you and us, including any scope(s) of work appended thereto (the “Quote”) together with this Bookkeeping Services Agreement are referred to herein as the “Agreement”. The Effective Date of this Agreement is the date that the first Quote has been signed by both you and us. If the Quote contains additional terms and conditions, then those terms and conditions govern to the extent they conflict with any term and conditions in this Bookkeeping Services Agreement.

The purpose of the Agreement is to establish the terms of our engagement and the services we will provide.
I. Bookkeeping Services
You acknowledge that Lazo offers back-office services encompassing bookkeeping, controller services, and CFO services.

It's important to note that Lazo is not a public accounting firm and does not engage in services that necessitate a license to practice public accountancy.

Our bookkeeping services offer a solution for maintaining your accounting books and financial organization. We operate based on information provided by you or as per your instructions. It's important to note that our bookkeeping services and any associated communications with us do not serve as a replacement for, and do not encompass, legal, regulatory, tax, financial, real estate, healthcare, or accounting advice.

We utilize Intuit Inc.'s QuickBooks Online to deliver our services. Your and our utilization of QuickBooks Online will be subject to Intuit Inc.'s Terms of Service and Privacy Statement

You acknowledge that we will act as your exclusive bookkeeper, and in carrying out such services, we are required to utilize, record, categorize, and reconcile your financial transactions and other data to maintain your books. For instance, depending on the services provided, we may need to: (a) import transactions to your books to reconcile your bank accounts, (b) classify transactions in your books to expense accounts and balance sheet accounts for amortization purposes, and/or (c) synchronize your payroll data through integration or other means. Consequently, once these tasks are completed, any alterations made by you or on your behalf (such as by another third-party service provider) to your books may have adverse effects on the services previously rendered by us. This could necessitate us to redo such services to address any resulting inconsistencies or inaccuracies or to ensure their absence.

If you enlist another third-party service provider to modify your books or if you directly make changes to your books while engaging us for bookkeeping services, the parties agree to the following remedies, at our discretion and in addition to any rights provided by contract, law, or equity: (i) we may postpone bookkeeping deliverables with impending deadlines, (ii) we may levy our standard hourly fees for the extra work needed to rectify the situation, and/or (iii) we may terminate your subscription at any time upon written notice without refunding prepaid fees for any unused months of the services. It is clarified that this Section does not preclude you from managing accounts payable and/or accounts receivable in QuickBooks, and/or processing payroll through QuickBooks.

We offer the services at the behest of and under the guidance of your management. Your management bears responsibility for all managerial decisions and functions, including (i) establishing policies or approving policy recommendations; (ii) assessing the reasonableness of underlying assumptions and the adequacy and outcomes of the services; and (iii) implementing any findings or recommendations stemming from the services. We may act upon instructions in any form (e.g., electronic, written, oral) as long as we reasonably believe that the instructions were genuinely provided by you or on your behalf. You are accountable for the legality of your instructions to us. We are not obliged to identify or propose additional services.

We prepare deliverables resulting from the services (such as excerpts, models, budgets, confirmations, etc.) for use by your management. In preparing these deliverables, you acknowledge that we (a) are not obligated to independently verify the accuracy or completeness of any facts provided by you or any third party, and (b) do not commit to updating the deliverable if any facts change, unless expressly stated otherwise in the Quote for the services. If you choose to present any deliverable to a third party, such presentation must be solely conducted by you and not on our behalf, and you agree to eliminate any references to us from the deliverable and/or the presentation.

Our provision of the services necessitates access to corporate, financial, and related information, information technology systems or services, and/or input from you. You agree to promptly furnish all such information, access, and input and to reasonably cooperate with us in delivering the services. You commit to providing good faith assumptions and accurate and complete representations, information, and data, and you consent to our assumption that you have done so without further investigation or verification. You acknowledge that delayed or inadequate information, access, or input from you may result in a delay in the performance of the services, our inability to provide the services, or an increase in our fees.

For clarity, if our performance of the services is hindered or delayed by any action or omission by you or your agents, vendors, consultants, or employees, we will not be deemed in breach of our obligations or otherwise liable for any related costs, charges, or losses incurred by you.

In the event that your accounting books are closed prior to the execution of the Quote, we do not assume responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or correctness of the financial records contained in said closed books. Our liability is limited to the services we provide from the effective date of this Agreement, and we do not accept responsibility for any errors or inaccuracies that may exist in financial records preceding our involvement.
II. No Certified Public Accountant Firm
You acknowledge and accept that Lazo is not a certified public accounting firm and does not offer services requiring a license to practice public accounting. It's recognized that Lazo is not affiliated with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and operates independently of any AICPA regulations. The services provided do not encompass, and you shall not rely on them for: (i) conducting audits, attestations, examinations, verifications, investigations, certifications, presentations, or reviews of financial transactions or accounting records; (ii) providing independent advice on accounting procedures or the recording, presentation, or certification of financial information or data; (iii) preparing or certifying reports on audits or examinations of books or records of account, balance sheets, and other financial, accounting, and related documents for publication, credit purposes, legal filings, governmental agencies; (iv) offering legal or regulatory advice regarding your business practices, including their appropriateness or legality; or (v) unless explicitly stated otherwise in an Quote, providing tax advice or preparing tax returns (although bookkeeping assistance can be provided to your chosen tax preparer, and/or you can opt for separate tax services, distinct from our bookkeeping services). It's advised to seek the assistance of a duly licensed professional for any of the aforementioned matters. Moreover, in adherence to applicable laws and accounting standards concerning auditor independence, we cannot (and do not) guarantee whether any financial records comply with GAAP, IFRS, or any other accounting standards or regulations.