Lazo is the ultimate startup copilot, supporting high-growth teams to intelligently scale their businesses.

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Building a startup is no easy task, and we know it.
As a founder, your goals are crystal clear: achieve product-market fit, scale your business, and secure reliable investors. However, turning your ideas into action requires more than a village – it requires a seasoned co-pilot to navigate every step of the way with you and ensure a smooth landing.
At Lazo, we have always prided ourselves on helping founders organize all their startup operations in one place. From bookkeeping and taxes to legal documents and beyond, we handle it all gladly and efficiently, so you can focus on building what you love.
With the addition of Augmented Ops™, Lazo AI and Crunchbase integration, Lazo One aims to become the trustworthy co-pilot your startup needs to achieve your goals intelligently. Our commitment to supporting startup founders is now stronger than ever, and we aim to reach new heights with you, and for you.
With love,  
The Lazo Team 💜️

We have a plan to support you in your journey to maximize your chances for success, and here is how we plan to do it:

Giving you back time
We thrive on solving difficult problems for the world's leading startups, so they can spend less time on managing their operations and more time focused on creating enterprise value.
Don't worry, it will not take a lot of your time.⌚️
Augmenting you with AI
We embrace both Artificial intelligence and Human Intelligence, and we believe that developing products and technologies that seamlessly combine both will help our clients achieve success across every aspect of their entrepreneurial evolution.
Accelerating you
At Lazo things move at a breakneck speed because our clients move fast, and we need to support them without slowing them down.  These challenges push us to improve ourselves and each other constantly, as each day presents us with new learning and growing opportunities.
These challenges push us to improve ourselves and each other constantly, as each day presents us with new learning and growing opportunities.
Building community together
We cultivate community everywhere we go. We are global ecosystem builders that believe that collaboration and relationship building are critical to fostering thriving entrepreneurial networks.
We cultivate community everywhere we go.
Committed to innovating for you
We believe we are all leaders and that our actions speak louder than words. Just like our clients, we take measured risks as it is the only way to challenge the status quo and find innovative solutions that improve the lives of our clients and our team members.
We are entrepreneurs,
we are just like you!
Lazo was created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.  We understand how hard and lonely the entrepreneurial journey is.  We want to be a trusted partner, a co-pilot, in that journey.  We won't rest until our clients succeed.  This is our promise to you.
This is our promise to you.