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The only AI platform that understands your startup as well as you do

  • Sophisticated agent-based AI orchestration framework can break down your most complicated queries in order to deliver accurate responses in just seconds.
  • The Lazo Knowledge Graph semantically organizes all of your operational information so the Lazo AI can understand your startup as well as you and your team do.
  • Strict data and chat collaborations via a granular role-based access controls guarantee that you can bring the right people into conversations when needed just as you would in the real world.
  • Lazo continually integrates more and more services, such as Quickbooks and Plaid, so that you the Lazo AI can answer any question you may have at any time, even on weekends.
Lazo One platform structure
Optimize all startup operations

Get answers across all your startup operations

Semantic Understanding
Graph and vector powered searches across your entire semantically connected data via natural language queries.
Personalized and contextual
The Lazo AI understands your role in the organization and can respond with the granularity you need and have access to.
Natively Collaborative
We know that AIs have still not reached human-level intelligence, that is why you can bring your colleagues seamlessly into any conversation when needed.
Power of GenAI

Be delighted by the power of GenAI

Immediate responses
You can chat with the Lazo AI at any time and get immediate and accurate answers to even complex questions. 
Trusted answers
The Lazo AI interfaces with the Lazo Graph which leverages a rich ontology to ensure that answers are contextually relevant and correct.
Verifiable by your team
You can invite your team members to any chat conversation in the event that a human validation may be needed.
Discover insights

Discover insights that make a real difference

Uncover hidden trends
The Lazo Graph connects all of the data from your company into an ever expanding network of knowledge that may unveil hidden insights.
Model scenarios
My leveraging the power of LLMs, the Lazo Ai can help you model different scenarios on the fly leveraging your actual financial information.
Elevate your team’s capabilities
Engaging in collaborative conversations among team members and the AI can dramatically accelerate the time to actionable insights.
Startup ops

Manage all your startup ops knowledge in one place

Don’t wait for “experts” to answer you
Have you ever asked your accountant a questions and waited a few days for an answer? With Lazo AI, you will have answers in minutes.
Gain a competitive advantage
Leap above your competition, instead of reading static dashboards and financial statements, as the Lazo AI to search for the exact answer you need.
Truly personalized answers
By leveraging the Lazo Graph, the  Lazo AI not only can access accurate financial information, but it can contextualize it to your specific company profile.